Windstream is a telecommunications provider in the U.S. that offers Internet, TV and home phone service.

Windstream can trace its history back to 1943, when Allied Telephone Company was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas1.

Forty years later, Allied Telephone Company merged with Mid-Continent Telephone Company to form Alltel. Once the companies combined, Alltel became the 5th largest local telephone company in the U.S1.

Alltel eventually merged with Standard Group Inc. and Aliant Communications. In 2005, Alltel announced it would merge with VALOR Communications Group1.

In 2006, Windstream Corporation was founded through Alltel’s Merger with VALOR Communications. The newly founded corporation served 3.4 million customers1.

Windstream has continued providing communities around the United States with Internet service. Windstream also offers home phone and digital TV service1.

Windstream is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas and mostly serves customers in rural communities2.

Windstream Internet options

High-Speed Internet:This plan provides up to 3 Mbps of Internet speed. This Windstream cable Internet plan is designed for users who want to accomplish simple tasks, such as checking emails and surfing the web. This plan is not optimal for users who want to stream television or play games online3.

High-Speed Internet Max:This plan can be used for customers who want to stream TV shows and movies or play games online. This plan is better suited for users who need to video conference or video chat 3.

Windstream Internet Prices

Like many service providers, Windstream offers packages that include Internet and digital TV service for one bundled price4.

Interested customers should compare Windstream prices to other service providers available in their area. Other cable or satellite Internet providers may have comparable or more competitive prices.

Learn more about Windstream cable and other Internet service providers

You should spend some time researching your options before selecting an Internet service provider. The following factors are important to consider when selecting a service provider for your home:

  • Availability: Is this service provider available in your area? While cable providers are only available within predetermined networks, satellite Internet providers are available almost anywhere with a clear view of the southern sky.
  • Affordability: Can you fit this provider’s price into your monthly budget?
  • Internet speed: Will this Internet speed meet your personal and professional Internet requirements?
  • Customer service: Can you easily contact the provider if you run into a problem?
  • Service contracts: Do you have to commit to a long-term service agreement?
  • Customer reviews and ratings: What have other customers in your area experienced with this provider?
  • Years of experience: Does this provider have a proven history for providing excellent service?

You should also look for companies with consistent pricing. Some cable companies are known for elevating their prices rapidly over a short period of time. According to Quartz, the average price of Time Warner Cable Internet service rose 20% over the past two years6.

Researching different companies will help you answer these questions and make the best choice for your household.


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