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Time Warner Cable In Arizona

For the first time ever, there are more Time Warner Internet customers than TV subscribers. This means Time Warner Internet users are paying more than ever for their shared Internet connection. Time Warner is making up for their TV loss by raising prices on Internet1.

Time Warner is more often found in major cities as opposed to rural areas. This service is available in 25 states though not throughout each state. Time Warner Cable in Arizona is available in the following cities:


Each specific home address can only be serviced by one cable provider and one DSL or fiber-optic provider. This means that if Time Warner is serviceable to your address, there are no options for other cable providers in your area. However, you can still sign up for a telecommunications Internet service or satellite.

Switching to a DSL or fiber-optic network would give you a faster dedicated connection that you don’t have to share with your neighbors.

Other types of Internet

There are 5 types of Internet connection:

  1. Cable
  2. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
  3. Fiber-optic
  4. Dial-Up
  5. Satellite

Each connection uses a different method or technology to connect to the Internet. The first four Internet connections run through lines underground that are owned by each provider. Your house can only have one of each of these connections. For example, only one cable company (if any) can service your house.

Satellite Internet is available to virtually any address in the continental U.S. because it installs a different satellite dish for each customer. All you need for satellite Internet is a 24 hour clear view of the southern sky and consent from the homeowner to install a dish.

How to choose the best Internet for you

Research possible Internet service providers in your area to first see what is available. Then, determine your Internet needs based on the following factors:

  • What you do on the Internet – gaming, movie streaming and web development require faster speeds
  • How many people connect – more people connecting means a more spread out connection and more speed is needed to keep up
  • How many devices connect – more devices require higher bandwidth to satisfy all device needs
  • What kind of devices you use – different devices might need different speeds to perform an online task
  • How you connect – DSL and fiber-optic connections are dedicated. That means you get all the speed in your plan channeled into your home network giving you and your devices more Internet speed. Whether you connect through an Ethernet cord or wirelessly can also affect your speed.

If you need a fast Internet connection that you want all to yourself, you should choose DSL or fiber-optic Internet.

Do research for Time Warner Internet in Arizona to see if it’s available if you think it is the best service for you. If you’re looking for Time Warner, Arizona may have it in some areas but not at every address. It’s always a good idea to look into all Internet service providers in your area before you make a final purchase.

Data collected between 8/14/14 and 8/19/14.