Optimum Cablevision

In 1973, A Long Island based cable television operator known as Cablevision provided 1,500 customers with service1. Today, Optimum Cablevision now offers digital television, phone and Internet service to homes and businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area.

As a cable Internet provider, Optimum offers several different services to users. It’s important to remember to search for value in any service agreement before signing on the dotted line. Oftentimes, cable Internet providers offer you their list of services at a higher rate than other types of Internet 2. Do your research before signing with any Internet provider on the market.

Optimum Internet options

Optimum offers customers high-speed Internet service for downloading, streaming, browsing online and more3. With three different tiers of Internet service available, Optimum Internet plans suit web users of all levels.

Optimum Online

For those who use the Internet for social media, checking email or other light web activity, Optimum suggests its basic Optimum Online speed. This package gives customers the ability to use Wi-Fi and automatic sign-in on up to five different devices.

Optimum Online Ultra 50

Optimum Online Ultra 50 was created for users who like video and TV streaming services on their devices. Whether it’s a smart TV or tablet with the Optimum app, customers who choose this package can automatically sign in to their Wi-Fi with up to 10 devices.

Optimum Online Ultra 101

This Optimum Internet plan is best utilized by heavy Wi-Fi users with 4G mobile phones and multiple streaming services running at the same time. Ultra 101 speeds let customers watch all their favorite shows and movies on separate services without a major slowdown for loading. With automatic sign-in available for up to 15 devices, every member of a household could use the Internet for their heavy duty web activities at the same time.

Optimum Internet service pricing and extras

Pricing for Optimum Cablevision Internet service ranges from $40 to $95 a month, depending on the speed of the chosen Internet plan. Customers who choose Optimum are eligible for a free smart router. With the smart router, you can create a wireless Internet network in your home that can be accessed from any room within range.

It’s important to remember that there are several other Internet providers that can give you the same, or better, service. Because Optimum is a cable Internet provider, there are limits to the available speed. Other Internet options, such as high-speed wireless or DSL, can provide you with more than enough speed when there are multiple users attempting to do their favorite Internet activities at the same time.

Additional services from Optimum

Along with Internet services, Optimum Cablevision offers cable TV and home phone services as well. Potential customers can mix and match the three services, or purchase plans in bundles to have all the services that they need to enjoy their home technology. Optimum cable TV offers several features such as HD channels, movies On Demand and a multi-room DVR.

Research bundles from multiple Internet providers before choosing Optimum Cablevision. Your research could pay off with better bundles at better rates!


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