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Cox Availability In Your Area

Cox Internet service is available in roughly 20 states2, and services nearly 3.5 million Internet subscribers2. Although the company is based in Atlanta, its greatest coverage areas include California, Virginia and Arizona1. Cox availability depends on your home address. Even though Cox Internet may be available in your state, it likely isn’t available in every city or town. Rural areas, or places outside Cox’s coverage, are likely serviced by local cable companies.

Below you’ll find a list of states with Cox Internet coverage.


Cox Communications competitors

According to Hoovers2, Cox Communications’ main competitors, aside from local cable companies, include:

Internet customers generally have at least two options for their service provider. Cable companies service different territories, and don’t overlap coverage areas. However, the planned merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast could have major implications for the cable broadband industry.

Many customers are already worried about seeing an increase in their bill3. To keep up with industry trends, if Time Warner and Comcast increase their rates, Cox customers could see a rise in their bill, too.

Cox Communications Internet Features

Cox offers many additional features to its Internet plans that local cable providers might not.

Wi-Fi hotspots: Eligible Internet plans allow for Cox subscribers to access 250,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. However, these hotspots can only be found in areas with Cox availability4.

Cloud storage: Internet plans that are eligible for cloud storage allow you to save and share large files, videos and photography to Cox’s cloud system4.

McAfee Security: Internet plans that include McAfee software provide a layer of protection for broadband subscribers to protect them from hackers, malware, identity thieves and more4.

Email accounts: All Internet plans come with 10 Cox email accounts4.

Is Cox Communications right for you?

Every individual’s Internet needs are different. When you research local cable companies in your area, look at the speeds they offer, and at the price you’ll pay after your promotional rate expires. What might seem like a great deal upfront could cost you a lot more money a few years down the road.

Also, consider other features that come with each Internet plan. Many of the fees of these “perks” are factored into the cost of the plan, so they aren’t always free.


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