Comcast Xfinity

Comcast is one of the nation’s biggest cable companies and home Internet service providers. Since 2011, it has owned NBCUniversal, an international media company. Comcast also produces films and television content. There are many facets to Comcast – Internet, phone and TV are just a small part of it.

Comcast is available in nearly all states. A company of Comcast’s size usually has a large area of serviceability. You can also research which Comcast Internet plans are available in your area. In addition to cable Internet, you should compare speeds and prices from companies that offer DSL or fiber-optic Internet in your area. They can offer a more dedicated and faster connection.

Comcast Xfinity Internet options

Comcast, like other cable Internet providers, offer service on a shared network. Comcast Internet plans vary in speed and price. The speed Comcast can offer depends on how many other customers use the common Internet connection in that area.

Comcast Internet service comes in plans that start at 6 Mbps. Upload speeds start at 5 Mbps. Internet access is on a shared network, so speeds can fall within a wide range, depending on how many people are online. Comcast offers seven email addresses and 10GB storage1.

How dependable are the speeds advertised? It depends on many factors.

  • Who else is on? Your network might include as many as 500 of your neighbors.
  • How many of them are on at once? Expect high latency during high-traffic hours. Especially when many households connect to more than one web-enabled device.
  • How fast can you go? The speed cited in your plan is what is possible under ideal conditions, which don’t always apply to real-life use.
  • What do you do online? Media-rich activity requires more speed. If it’s not available, your movies will buffer and your streaming music will be interrupted.

Comcast Xfinity Internet prices

Comcast Internet plans vary in price and speed potential. Here are a few they offer:

  • The highest speed available is 150 Mbps for $89.99 per month.1
    • Service is limited to a single outlet.
    • Premium installation and compatible cable modem required, but are not included in price.
    • Installation is extra.
    • Speeds vary and are not guaranteed.
  • A less expensive but slower option includes up to 105 Mbps for $59.99 a month.
    • That price is good for only the first 12 months.
    • The 105 Mbps represents download speed only and is not guaranteed.
    • Offer requires subscription to four Comcast services.
    • TV and Internet service limited to one outlet.
  • Comcast Internet is available in a basic package of 6 Mbps for $49.95 per month.
    • Not all features are available in all areas.
    • This plan also is limited to a single outlet.
    • Speeds are not guaranteed. It’s the low end of what is considered high-speed Internet.

Additional Comcast Xfinity Cable services

Comcast also offers phone and TV services. Triple Play bundles can cost as much as $139.99 per month. Comcast offers a Double Play of Internet and TV for $89.99 per month2


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