Charter: Cable Internet

Like all cable Internet providers, Charter offers an Internet connection on a shared network. Your Internet plan with a cable company will offer a speed that may not be met in your area. Your Internet connection may be shared on a grid with up to 500 of your neighbors.

Charter Communications background and history

Charter was founded in 1993, so it’s young compared to some of its peers and competitors. It is the ninth largest home phone provider in the country and has services in 29 states.1

Charter gained its access to cable Internet lines by acquiring pre-existing lines from other cable providers. Each home can only have one cable line to their home. Cable companies buy and trade cable lines to increase their serviceability.2

With Charter, high speed Internet may be presented by your plan, but you share the speed you sign up for with the other cable customers in your area.

Charter Internet services

Charter cable Internet is shared and prices are subject to change. Internet only plans start at as much as $39.99 per month.3 These prices are set to increase after the first year to $54.99 per month. After 2 years, other rates may apply.4

The Charter Internet package includes features such as:

  • Charter Security Suite: Parental controls, virus protection for up to 3 computers and identity theft prevention.5
  • Modem Lease: The modem lease fee is included in this price.
  • Technical support: Constant customer service representatives are available.

Charter lists their Internet speeds start at up to 60 Mbps, but these speeds are not guaranteed. They are not all for you and they do not include upload speeds. Charter cable Internet upload speeds don’t get above 5 Mbps. Charter says it is 20 times faster than DSL, but this is only when their advertised, shared 60 Mbps is compared to a basic, dedicated 3 Mbps.6

Charter does not present more than one Internet-only pricing option on their website. They offer the monthly price of $29.99 per month, but this is only available when you bundle with other Charter services. The total cost of the bundle with this Internet price starts at $89.97 per month. It increases to $109.97 after the first year.7

These prices do not include applicable taxes or fees that vary by location.

Charter Communications services

Along with Internet options, Charter offers other services such as home phone, TV and business Internet.

  • Phone services are limited and certain states have call allowances that restrict and penalize outbound calling.
  • TV services offer several HD channels. On Demand, recording and parental controls are available.
  • Business Internet is available in certain areas and at qualifying speeds. Two-part business packages start at $102.55 per month.8
  • As a communications company, Charter Internet is not the only service they offer. Charter attempts to meet all residential and business communication needs.

    Data collected between 8/20/14 and 8/21/14.