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Charter Availability In Your Area

Charter is the fourth largest cable company in the country with services available in 29 states1. Cable is more accessible in large cities and not a reliable option for more rural areas.

Here’s a list of all the states with Charter cable lines:

New YorkNorth CarolinaOregonSouth Carolina

Only one local cable provider can service an individual address. Charter availability is limited. However, DSL or fiber-optic connections may also be available at your address to offer faster, more reliable speeds.

Charter services and features

Charter offers multiple services that separate it from other local cable companies. Charter has cable Internet, TV and home phone products available to both homes and businesses. Prices are somewhat low, but given their Internet’s shared network, you could be getting more for your money with a dedicated DSL or fiber-optic network.

Charter Communications also has a security package for Internet users and extra TV features for television subscribers. Stand-alone Internet prices start at $39.99 per month and increase by almost 40% after the first year2. Prices are a main concern with local cable providers because they go up frequently and sometimes without notice.

Below are a few typical things Charter customers can expect:

  • Required Charter brand Internet modem included in the cost of service
  • Security Suite package to help prevent cyber threats
  • Business plans available
  • Basic phone features
  • Price increases

Is Charter right for you?

Charter may be an option to consider in your area. However, you may have DSL and fiber-optic providers in your area as well. These Internet service providers are faster and more dedicated than cable. For customers, it means the Internet you pay for is the Internet you get in most cases.

DSL Internet runs straight from the company service tower up to your door with no stops along the way. With a local cable company, you could be sharing with up to 500 of your neighbors who draw from the same bandwidth you pay for.

Dedicated connections are often faster because you don’t have to worry about other people using your same Internet connection. To avoid the frustration of your neighbors connecting to your same network, get one that is dedicated to you and is all yours. DSL and most fiber-optic networks can offer this.

Research to see which providers are available in your area and learn about the options you have.

Other Cable Providers

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Data collected between 8/20/14 and 8/22/14.